The deployEMDS Innovation and Scaling Group (ISG) Kick-off workshop is happening online on Friday, June 7th

The deployEMDS Innovation and Scaling Group (ISG) Kick-off workshop is happening online between 10.00-12.30 CET Friday, June 7th.

Representatives from large corporations, SMEs, startups, or academia, are still welcome to apply. Registrations are still OPEN until Thursday, June 6th at 12:00h CET.

The deployEMDS Innovation and Scaling Group (ISG) aims to foster collaboration between deployEMDS stakeholders and external entities, mainly from the private sector.

Its objective is to develop innovative use cases, promote knowledge exchange, and ensure technical and governance developments meet private actors’ needs. By helping to shape a future common European mobility data space, ISG members will also benefit from the collaboration with leading European businesses and organisations via:

– Innovative solutions development
– Enhanced market visibility
– Policy and standards shaping
– Access to industry organisations and platforms
– Synergies with other pan-European innovation initiatives
– Engagement in project activities

Once registered, participants can choose between two of the following breakout rooms within the session:

1. Data Spaces, Data Tools & Analytics
2. Service/transit/traffic Data provision
3. Geospatial, safety and environmental data
4. Stakeholder and customer interfaces e.g. route planning

The deployEMDS project implements 9 local pilots across Barcelona, Budapest, Flanders, Île-de-France, Lisbon, Milan, Sofia, Stockholm, and Tampere, featuring 16 use cases focusing on data for mobility planning, public transport operation, multimodality, and specialty travel information.

To register please contact Iain Macbeth (

For further information on the scope, benefits for participants and more, please refer to the charter of the ISG here:

OASC Summit 2024

The Open & Agile Smart Cities & Communities (OASC) network is proud to host its annual Summit on the 3rd and 4th of June 2024 in Rotterdam! This year’s theme, connecting local digital ecosystems through interoperability, highlights our commitment to support cities and local communities to collaborate on digital transformation via the fluent sharing of data in and between cities and local communities. We’ll look into the strategies, processes and technologies that can help cities to do that.

The main goal is to align as many cities as possible into that philosophy and concept and help cities to overcome the hurdles that block them from interoperability. The essence of interoperability

Interoperability is the basic pillar for digital transition. It is not only about the mere technical capability of different systems to communicate, it reflects the organisational cooperation, a shared mindset for innovation and collaboration and the smooth exchange of information. It encompasses the conceptual aspect, the method and strategy and software & operational facets.

Global and local perspectives, from the strategic to the operational and technical level

Our Summit explores the different layers of interoperability and scrutinizes what is needed for a city or local community to take steps in the field of data and knowledge sharing and communicating systems.

What to expect:

  • General Assembly where we will formally approve the update version of the MIMs
  • Keynote speakers and demonstrations of practical use cases in the field of sustainable mobility, procurement strategies and health care
  • Interactive sessions where other tools such as a digital roadmap, digital assessment tool and much more will be discussed!
  • Endless networking opportunities!


  • A dive into the global and European political landscape where legal frameworks and initiatives that shape the digital playing field are coined.
  • Dissection of the processes required at the local level to facilitate interoperability. It’s about a mindset, skills and transversal thinking that are essential for overcoming hurdles.
  • Explore the available technologies that can assist cities and local communities, regardless of their digital maturity, in advancing towards interoperability.
  • Highlight our Minimal Interoperability Mechanisms (MIMs), as the minimal but sufficient ground for interoperability that cities, companies, researchers and governments can use when procuring and using digital tools and systems

Run for deputy coordinator of the Council of Cities

If you are a city member of the OASC network, you also get the opportunity to run for the election as the new deputy coordinator of the Council of Cities, which assembles the entire city members of OASC and is the main voice of our cities and local communities. Together with Rotterdam, the current Council of Cities coordinator, you will be able to set the course of direction for OASC in the next year, in close collaboration with the OASC Board of Directors.

Our two-day Summit coincides with the Urban Future Conference in Rotterdam. This allows us to make cross-links with other urban specialists and dive into the opportunities and digital solutions in the field of urban sustainable development.

Join us in Rotterdam

The OASC Summit is an open invitation to all OASC members, partners, stakeholders from government, academia, business and civil society interested in digital transformation to participate with us in Rotterdam. If you’re interested in running for deputy coordinator of the Council of Cities, register here.

Become a sponsor

Interested in becoming an official sponsor for the OASC Summit? Email us at to learn more about the sponsorship package.


Connecting Europe Days

Connecting Europe Days 2024, Europe’s mobility flagship event, took place on 2-5 April at the SQUARE in Brussels, Belgium.

The conference brought together more than 3,200 participants from over 80 countries. Participants included Ministers, politicians, financial institutions, industry representatives, transport stakeholders and the European Commission and related agencies. The topics discussed included concrete measures and exchange good practices on creating a sustainable, smart and resilient, transport and mobility network in Europe. It will take stock of the ambitious goals set out in the EU Green Deal and the Sustainable and Smart Mobility Strategy

Data Spaces Symposium 2024

Unite. Innovate. Adopt.

Sharing data is good. Good data sharing is quintessential for the digital revolution. Data spaces are the key because they enable data sovereignty. Now we need open-source software solutions and a wide market adoption. If you are a newbie or an expert, the Data Spaces Symposium is the right place to learn, connect and drive the future of the digital economy.

The Data Spaces Symposium, the world’s leading event on data spaces

The Data Spaces Symposium is set to reconvene at Darmstadtium (Schlossgraben 1, 64283 Darmstadt, Germany), Frankfurt Region this year following its notable success in The Hague during the 2023 edition. Organized by the Data Spaces Support Centre (DSSC) and the Data Spaces Business Alliance (DSBA), this symposium is a pivotal gathering for those at the forefront of data space innovation and strategy. It serves as a platform to showcase the latest market-ready use cases, advanced technology solutions for existing and emerging data spaces, and the essential work done by the DSSC in crafting a foundational blueprint for common European data spaces, aligning with the European Data Strategy.

Smart City Expo World Congress 2024

Smart City Expo World Congress 2024: Your chance to be a speaker!

Apply here until the 5th of April to be speaker at the Smart City Expo 2024 (5.-7. November 2024)

We all remember the great edition of 2023, where deployEMDS was officially launched. We are now planning our presence at the Smart City Expo World Congress 2024.

Smart City Expo is looking for speakers and you could be among them.