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deployEMDS at the Data Spaces Symposium

acatech’s Stefanie Federl represented deployEMDS at the Data Spaces Symposium on 12 March.

She presented the projects main features and took part in two sessions:

  • BDVA Workshop: Mobility Data Spaces and Digital Twins – Towards Smarter Decision-Making in Cities

The workshop focused on the integration of Mobility Data Spaces and Digital Twin technologies in urban environments. This event delved deep into the different aspects of digital mobility ecosystems, offering a comprehensive view of cutting-edge data collection, data-driven modeling, simulation techniques, and tangible use-cases. Through a series of expert-led keynotes, participants gained invaluable insights into how these technologies converge to support decision-making processes, driving efficiency and innovation in urban and regional mobility.

As our cities and infrastructures become increasingly complex and connected, the need for robust decision-support tools has never been greater. The event was a good occasion to explore how leveraging large-scale mobility data within secured, controlled and sovereign data spaces can inform and enrich Digital Twin platforms. In turn, these platforms can model and simulate real-world scenarios, enabling stakeholders to predict outcomes, plan interventions, respond to challenges in real-time, and also making smart decisions for the next generation mobility networks.

Stefanie Federl focused on Ongoing mobility data space initiatives: mobility data holds immense potential for urban and regional mobility. To leverage this potential and drive efficiency and innovation, Europe’s capabilities hinge on unlocking data silos. This is where data spaces can enhance discoverability, interoperability, and trust in data sharing. The keynote showcased EU projects and initiatives within the mobility and logistics sectors, such as PrepDSpace4Mobility and deployEMDS, along with operational data spaces like the Mobility Data Space in Germany. The presentation provided options for the architectural design and data governance of mobility data (spaces) as well as key challenges and opportunities for streamlining urban mobility data processes. Learn more about the vision for a common European European mobility data space (EMDS) and expect insights from real-life projects in cities and regions participating in deployEMDS.


  • Data Space Sustainability: Business Stories, Strategy & long-term Impact

Business Story: 

Transforming regional mobility: Advancing fleet management in the Barcelona metropolitan area and the role of deployEMDS

Stefanie Federl had the opportunity to give a 5-minute pitch about our Barcelona Use Case.

On 14 March, acatech’s Chris Newman also participated in a session titled: Crossing the chasm – paths for data spaces to work together.