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The overarching objective of Budapest is to advance its public transport system toward a multimodal
regional Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) by expanding the existing BudapestGO app.

The first use case focuses on transforming the current route planning system into a multimodal system. This
will be achieved by integrating the UrbanPulse open data platform, connecting data from various shared
transport operators and other service providers with BudapestGO, Budapest’s public transport system. 

The second use case focuses on extending MaaRLIM, Mobility as a Right for people with mobiLity
IMpairment, which integrates with CoVCAP (Coordinating Volunteers supporting COVID-19 affected
Persons) services through integration with EMDS. Vulnerable individuals can make requests via phone to
the operator in a call centre. The operator manages users and their requests through the CoVCAP system,
utilising a matchmaking algorithm to connect volunteers who offer assistance to vulnerable individuals using
public transport.

Selected KPIs

• +2 new datasets available

• +2 new features available in BudapestGO

• +100 000 trips using shared modes


Budapest is committed to the development of its public transport towards multimodal regional ITS by expanding the current BudapestGo.

Use Case 1

Multimodal connectivity and route planning integration with BudapestGO

Expanding current route planning system BudapestGo into multimodal system by implementing UrbanPulse open data platform linking data from different sharing transport operators and other service providers with the FutarApp of the public transport system of Budapest.

Use Case 2

MaaRLiM – Mobility as a Right for people with Limited Mobility

Extending CoVCAP services to aid vulnerable individuals’ mobility with professionals and volunteers.

Local implementation and pilot partners