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The overarching goal of the implementation project is to integrate the Flanders smart data space, and more
specifically the Data Space Traffic Measurements (which is part of the Flanders smart data space), with
EMDS, fostering cross-border applications. Additionally, the aim is to enrich the Flanders smart data space
with EMDS building blocks to streamline the data prosumer experience.

The Flanders use case will scope on the integration and sharing of traffic measurements (i.e., traffic count
data sources).

Selected KPIs

• +10 onboarded datasets

• +3 data space component service innovations

• +2 SUMI driven use cases


Flanders wants to connect the Flanders smart data space with the EMDS to enable cross-border applications and to enhance the Flanders smart data space with (EMDS) building blocks to lower the threshold for data prosumers.

Use Case

Optimising the (re)-use of traffic measurements

Making the exchange of traffic measurements understandable, exchangeable, re-usable and future proof; by using standards, data space technology, building an ecosystem and a clear governance.

Local implementation and pilot partners