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The overall objective of Île-de-France (IDF) is to tackle traffic congestion and environmental challenges
caused by commuting. The use case aims to assist companies in retaining their employees, addressing
commuting mobility challenges, managing sustainable mobility policies, and reducing environmental impacts
induced by commuting.

The first use case centres on developing a Mobility as a Service (MaaS) solution for enterprises, named
Emy. This solution facilitates the management of companies’ mobility policies, specifically the “Forfait
Mobilités Durables” (FMD), which is a key measure outlined in the Mobility Orientation Law (LOM) of
December 24, 2019.

The second use case focuses on optimising the journey planner by feeding the algorithm with journey
planner user data to enhance the results of itinerary research based on user behaviour. Improved journey
planner results imply increased usage of public transport (PT) modes and sustainable mobility options, as
the journey planners are PT-centric.

Selected KPIs

• +200 new datasets available

• 2 improved services

• 2 SUMI indicators with improved monitoring


Île-de-France wants to help companies to retain their employees tackle commuting mobility challenges and manage their sustainable mobility policies and reduce their environmental impacts induced by commuting.

Use Case 1

MaaS for Companies

Developing a MaaS solution for enterprises (Emy) which facilitates management of companies’ mobility policy (“Forfait de mobilité durable (FMD)” – mobility credits management)​.

Use Case 2

Journey planner optimisation​

Optimising the journey planner, feeding the algorithm with use data, to optimise the results of the itinerary research based on user behavior​.

Local implementation and pilot partners