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Innovation and Scaling Group launch by deployEMDS

Join our Innovation and Scaling Group

We are happy to announce the establishment of the Innovation and Scaling Group (ISG). If you are a professional from large corporations, SMEs, startups or the academia, bringing diverse expertise across relevant sectors (see below) we welcome you to apply!

What is ISG: The ISG will be established under the deployEMDS project, which supports the European Commission (EC) initiative for a common European mobility data space (EMDS). The initiative aims to streamline data access, pooling, and sharing to promote more efficient, safe, and sustainable transport systems. The deployEMDS project implements 9 local pilots across Barcelona, Budapest, Flanders, Île-de-France, Lisbon, Milan, Sofia, Stockholm, and Tampere, featuring 16 use cases focusing on data for mobility planning, public transport operation, multimodality, and specialty travel information.

Objectives: ISG fosters collaboration between deployEDMS stakeholders and external entities to develop innovative use cases, promote knowledge exchange, and ensure technical and governance developments meet private actors’ needs.

Benefits for ISG participants: 

  • Innovative solutions development
  • Enhanced market visibility
  • Policy and standards shaping
  • Access to industry organizations and platforms
  • Synergies with other pan-European innovation initiatives
  • Engagement in project activities

Scope and activities: ISG activities include training sessions, matchmaking, co-creation workshops, and biannual workshops aimed at identifying priority areas and challenges for solution development.

When: The launch of ISG is planned for the end of May or early June 2024.

More info on the ISG here.

For any questions please contact Iain Macbeth at