Funded by the Federal Government and the Länder, acatech – National Academy of Science and Engineering is the voice of the technological sciences at home and abroad. acatech provides advice on strategic engineering and technology policy issues to policymakers and the public and fulfilling a mandate to provide independent, evidence-based advice that is in the public interest under the patronage of the Federal President. acatech has extensive experience in initiating data space initiatives at national level and in coordinating major stakeholder platforms, including the National Platform for the Future of Mobility and the National AI Platform.

In deployEMDS, acatech takes on the role of the consortium coordination, drawing on its expertise gained from leading the 12-month preparatory project, PrepDSpace4Mobility. In this pivotal position, acatech ensure the seamless operation and efficient management of the project. acatech coordinates decision-making processes, fosters streamlined communication within the consortium, and acts as a key intermediary between the consortium and the European Commission.