Cefriel is a not-for-profit digital innovation center, founded in 1988 by the Polytechnic University of Milan to help the country’s businesses, society, and economy grow and develop by using and expanding skills and knowledge in the field of technologies and digital services. Its mission is to make digital innovation to benefit the country, organically combining research, innovation, and training, as well as leveraging the skills and knowledge from the world of research, companies, and the public administration.

Cefriel will coordinate the implementation project in Milan in cooperation with AMAT and Agenzia TPL through (i) the collection of requirements from the operational and technical governance perspective, and (ii) the deployment of the common European mobility data space building blocks in test and production environments. The data will be made available through the European mobility data space components for two interlinked use cases: (i) the definition of a decision support system to optimize the entire mobility network consisting of the provinces of Pavia, Lodi, Monza-Brianza and the Metropolitan City of Milan, through the integration of multiple data sources; (ii) the creation of future mobility scenarios exposing citizens to innovative planning methods via an interactive exhibition, collecting their feedback digitally to gather support for a sustainable mobility transition. Moreover, Cefriel will be involved (i) in the development of cross-cutting building blocks applicable to all local implementation projects, and (ii) in the communication and dissemination of the project’s results.