EMEL (municipal company for mobility and parking of Lisbon) is the operating arm of the Lisbon city council for mobility management. Their mission is to support the city council in the development, management, and operation of urban mobility solutions to encourage more sustainable mobility choices.
As an agent of change, EMEL participate in multiple collaborative and innovation projects to actively contribute to knowledge generation processes, as well as to create spaces for experimentation that are essential for the development of solutions that might help prepare the city for the mobility of the future.

In deployEMDS, EMEL will lead the implementation of Lisbon use cases. Particularly, EMEL aims at untapping data to enable better decision-making processes in the city and provide more reliable information to improve journeys of people with reduced mobility. Furthermore, EMEL will pilot a corporate MaaS solution to encourage more sustainable and less car-dependent mobility in commuting and business travel in Lisbon. From a technology standpoint, the purpose is to enable a backbone that will foster an interoperable, non-discriminatory multi-agent MaaS operator ecosystem.