enRoute brings data leadership to its customers: Public Transit Agencies, Transport operators, MaaS platforms, NAPs,…

enRoute develops and operates two SaaS platforms for mobility data management: Chouette SaaS, for schedule and equipment datasets (GTFS / NeTEx), Ara SaaS, for real time data flows (GTFS-RT / SIRI). With Chouette SaaS and Ara SaaS, Public Transit Agencies and Transport Operators:  

  • Ensure that transit riders receive high-quality trip-planning information,  
  • Stream high quality mobility data to journey planners, mobile applications, or open data portals, 
  • Aggregate the data for a large territory with several PTOs and create unified schedule datasets and real-time data streams, 
  • Automate their mobility data management process, 
  • Meet regulatory deadlines 

In deployEMDS, enRoute will implement the connector for the opendata provided by Ile-de-France Mobilités and other data providers onto the mobility data space. Also it will facilitate data integration into the mobility data space and provide tools for data quality management.