EONA-X is a dataspace for Mobility, Transport & Tourism, and a Gaia-X lighthouse project, compliant with its principles. EONA-X is a non-profit organization whose members are : Amadeus, Renault Group, Groupe ADP, Air-France KLM, Aéroport Marseille-Provence, Eccocar, AnySolution, Apidae Tourisme, Inria, Compagnie des Alpes, Accor, Alentour… with a growing ecosystem. EONA-X has chosen Amadeus as its technical platform provider to supply, maintain and operate the technical components necessary for the operation of the data-exchange platform for EONA-X members. As an example of the first 18 use-cases being implemented, several EONA-X members and official partners of the Paris Olympic and Paralympic Games 2024 will use the EONA-X dataspace to exchange information to seamlessly welcome delegations during this large event.

In the deployEMDS, EONA-X, as an operational data space will be sharing its experience in WP2 on a technical perspective. In WP4 EONA-X will be implementing a use-case in the île de France region, with partners such as enRoute and Instant System. This use case will focus on enriching the number and types of information received by a MaaS application used by large companies for the daily commute of their employees. The challenge of this use case will be to unlock data which today is not shared or scattered between numerous data providers so as to complete some existing open data sources. In time, EONA-X can provide the European Mobility Data Space with its federated catalog, enabling multiple uses of these datasets and ensuring a better discoverability.