FIWARE was created with the ultimate goal of creating an open sustainable ecosystem around public, royalty-free and implementation-driven software platform standards easing the development of smart solutions and supporting organizations in their transition into smart organizations. From a technical perspective, FIWARE brings a curated framework of Open-Source software components which can be assembled and combined with other third-party platform components to build platforms easing the development of smart solutions and smart organizations in multiple application domains: cities, manufacturing, utilities, agrifood, etc.

In deployEMDS, FIWARE is caretaker and contributor of its core data space building blocks in WP2: NGSI-LD, Smart Data Models, CEF Context Broker and the FIWARE Data Space Connector. FIWARE will provide its extended data space architecture and technology knowledge coming out of being an early active member of initiatives like DSBA, DSSC, IDSA and Gaia-X.