FRCB are simply the initials of Ferdinand Burgersdijk MBA, an independent who made it his business to navigate leaders in the mobility industry through the challenges of digital transformation. Contributing to international platforms like UITP, STA (Smart Ticketing Alliance), MaaS Alliance, International Transport Forum; leading (inter) national projects on MaaS, cross border multimodal ticketing and trusted data sharing; liaising leading organisations like NAPcore, IT4PT, DSSC, IDSA, MyData, iShare, EMTA and POLIS in the European data space for mobility, make his legal, technical and organisational expertise in combination with his vast international network simply unique. His experience allows to him to get to heart of the matter, swiftly. Providing objective insights, identifying blind spots and thinking out-of-the box. Not being tied to any company’s history or internal politics, he brings a fresh and unbiased perspective. Devising a strategy tailored to their goals, with respect for the organisation’s place and role in the ecosystem, the level of digital maturity and its culture.

Within deployEMDS, Ferdinand will align the regional use cases with the technical building blocks in WP2 and WP4. Enhancing trusted collaborations establishing an open architecture catering to data governance and user privacy, building forth on common European projects and aligning with business and IT strategies by transport operators and authorities.