Imec is a leading research hub for nano- and digital technology innovation, impacting quality of life through partnerships with industry, government, and academia. Imec employs over 5,500 scientists from 96 countries, and collaborates with 600+ industry partners and an academic network. Its research spans semiconductor industry roadmaps, technology for healthcare, mobility, and sustainable solutions. Imec’s headquarters are in Leuven, Belgium, with global offices and research sites. 

In deployEMDS, imec is responsible for the data space architecture. Imec’s extensive expertise in data space projects in various domains will be leveraged to develop the European Mobility Data Space. Its responsibility includes gathering requirements from local pilots and translating these into a functional architecture, a task aligned with our past experiences. Additionally, imec oversees the Flemish pilot, further strengthening the existing collaboration with the Flemish government. This initiative underscores imec commitment to shaping the future of data spaces in Europe.