Created in 2013, Instant System provides Mobility as a Service (MaaS) solutions in white label to more than 80 local authorities and public transport operators. The solution includes: 

  • a multimodal/intermodal real-time and predictive journey planner and passenger information, allowing the reservation, payment and ticketing/unlocking of all transport modes (from public transport to active mobilities, through car sharing/pooling and on-demand transport), from one single place, on any device (iOS, Android, or web). 
  • a mobility policy management tool to enable cities to communicate with users, analyse mobility flow, create incentives through mobility packages mixing several transport modes. 

From 2022, Instant System also offers a MaaS solution for companies (Emy), enabling employers to implement their sustainable mobility policies. This solution will be tested and improved with new relevant data, in the frame of the deployEMDS usecase Ile de France, which Instant System is leading in partnership with EONA-X and EnRoute, to tackle employers’ challenges regarding commuting mobility.