Nommon is a technology company specialising in the application of big data and artificial intelligence to the transport and mobility industry. Nommon’s portfolio includes two types of products: (i) origin-destination matrices and other mobility indicators obtained from anonymised mobile network data, smart card data and other geolocation data; and (ii) decision support tools that rely on machine learning and optimisation techniques to forecast demand behaviour and support the planning and operation of transport services and infrastructures. In the past 10 years, Nommon has participated in numerous R&I projects aimed at improving the management of transport systems from a multimodal perspective (BD4PT, TRANSIT, IMHOTEP, PASSPORT, SYNCHROMODE, MAIA).  


In deployEMDS, Nommon will contribute to Barcelona’s multimodality Use Case, powering the data space with mobility indicators obtained from anonymised mobile network data and providing decision support tools for the optimisation of new forms of demand-responsive transport.