Digitaal Vlaanderen is the government agency responsible for all things digital in the region of Flanders and comprises 665 digital experts. The goal of the agency is to build and facilitate the government of tomorrow. 

For that purpose, VLO builds and operates the shared technology layer of the government to make sure that the government’s infrastructure is solid, secure and scalable. On top of that, VLO runs different platform services such as data and front office services that can be plugged into the business processes of the governments, with transformation and change at the centre. With these three layers, VLO wants to evolve from a government doing digital to a government being digital. 

In deployEMDS project, Digitaal Vlaanderen will connect its Vlaamse Smart Data Space in the Flemish region to the EMDS. The Use Case on traffic measurements will be linked to other regions. A no/low code interface will support data consumers to re-use different traffic measurement data sources.