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Innovation and Scaling Group

The deployEMDS Innovation and Scaling Group (ISG) aims to foster collaboration between deployEMDS stakeholders and external entities, mainly from the private sector. Its objective is to develop innovative use cases, promote knowledge exchange, and ensure technical and governance developments meet private actors’ needs.  

By helping to shape a future common European mobility data space, ISG members will also benefit from the collaboration with leading European businesses and organisations via: 

  • Innovative solutions development
  • Enhanced market visibility
  • Policy and standards shaping
  • Access to industry organisations and platforms
  • Synergies with other pan-European innovation initiatives 
  • Engagement in project activities  

For more information regarding the ISG, please refer to the charter of the ISG here

If you have further questions about the ISG or would like to get involved, please contact Iain Macbeth (


Network of Follower Cities and Regions

The deployEMDS Network of Follower Cities and Regions is a group designed to engage with external local and regional public entities interested in shaping the future of the common European mobility data space (EMDS) by supporting the development of the deployEMDS project. The Network is dedicated to engaging authorities of different sizes, experience levels, and stages of maturity, ensuring a diverse representation from various member states. 

The Network will establish a space for local and regional public authorities to: 

  • Engage in peer-learning with deployEMDS cities, facilitating knowledge exchange on EMDS developments. 
  • Contribute to the development of future policies and standards within the EU. 
  • Collaborate with industry players and platforms represented in the Innovation and Scaling Group (ISG). 

You will find all the details on the planned activities on this page

To apply to the Network, please reach out to Laura Babío Somoza ( and Sibylle Meffre (